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The Hardware industry development shortcuts analysis from market basics
    In recent years, hardware manufacturing export-oriented development characteristics, overall growth in the export of hardware products, mainly hardware appliances full bloom, not only power tools, hand tools, building hardware products, these traditional categories of export products increased very high, and before the exportthe share of small kitchen electrical products and bathroom products export growth is also very obvious. Huge market and the center of gravity will further attract multinational hardware manufacturing center to transfer to China. The Chinese market was the encroachment of the hardware industry in the world. Enhance the competitiveness of our entire hardware industry, from the source to strengthen domestic resource protection, start with the domestic market to start from the basics, to master the initiative, in order to avoid long-term sustainability of the kinds of situation.
  Adjust and optimize the the hardware industry structure, promote industrial upgrading
  China's hardware industry is a labor-intensive industry. China's export products, labor-intensive products will remain dominant for a long period of time, at the same time, should also see a variety of reasons, the advantages of labor-intensive export products is slowly weakening. China's hardware industry in order to have a long-term development, the need to adjust and optimize the industrial structure, it is necessary to continue to give full play to the advantages of traditional hardware industry, but also vigorously develop the knowledge and technology-intensive industries and emerging industries, to promote the upgrade of the hardware industry. The only way to shorten the gap between China's hardware industry and developed countries as soon as possible.
  Training and the introduction of hardware professionals to enhance intellectual capital factor is the lack of professionals has become a bottleneck restricting the further development of China's hardware industry, which is bound to affect the international competitiveness of China's hardware industry. To solve this problem, you can go to a combination of internal development and external introduction roads. The one hand, short-term training to strengthen existing employees of the enterprise, in order to improve the human resource situation; On the other hand, the introduction of high-quality industry talent through a variety of channels, and to enhance the intellectual capital of China's hardware industry factors.

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