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China's hardware industry ups and downs in the use of policy-depth international
         Metal products industry can be described as the experience of the ups and downs in the past 10 years, were mixed. Since the end of 2001, China's accession to the World Trade Organization (WTO), China National Hardware companies also will be more and more deeply into the international market. Approaching one trillion yuan of data, where the field of view of the people in the industry, is a big number, is the current industry tends to be extremely high degree of achievable. This data within the scope of the global metals industry, is a big figure. China's hardware industry happen unexpectedly equal footing with the world.
   800 billion yuan, and up to 1 trillion yuan in sales, so that after 10 years of struggle Yue Teng development of hardware, deservedly into as a world-class manufacturing power sequence, and with the pace of transformation and upgrading, innovation and development, is toward creatingpowerful march forward. This is the result. This results in the full 10-year history of struggle of the China National Metals and upgrade history. The miracle of the creation of this historic, private enterprises accounted for 99% of China's hardware industry, from a family-owned, collective and state-owned enterprises, a successful transition to the modern enterprise system, and successfully turned into a private enterprise. Suddenly open the door to the global market, on the one hand to provide a steady stream of orders to the metal products industry and enterprise, a broad space; hand to create opportunities for industry and enterprises to enhance the quality of learning advanced technical level. In 10 years, the import and export of substantial growth in the number of the golden age of China's hardware industry development. However, since the international financial crisis in 2008, the international market remains in the doldrums, plus on the 2010 outbreak of the debt crisis, many companies wake up in a certain period of time to bring profits to the OEM export growth, but is not a permanent solution, want to enterprises bigger and stronger must both domestic and foreign markets, must have its own brand, it really took to the international road sign.
   In addition to its own change, come nearly 10 years, the hardware industry has many enterprises also began to seek international cooperation, including the brand acquisition, shareholding, the international cooperation to a deeper, broader areas, larger scale, into the more lofty realm.

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